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About Us
Welcome to HanZi International!

HanZi International is an experienced and reliable supplier of high quality rail and track accessories all over the world.We have brought together China's leading component manufacturers under the HanZi umbrella so you can gain purchasing advantages not found anywhere else in the industry.Today, as one of China's leading rail products suppliers, HanZi International provides a wide variety of rail fabrication services. The factories located in Anyang city,Linzhou City,Handan City in Henan Province;Nantong City,Wuxi City,Taicang City in Jiangsu Province;Zhejiang Province and Dalian City in Liaoning Province.Our users include railroads,mining companies,heavy industries, overhead crane,railroad and tunneling industry, transit authorities, and operators of port facilities.

We are a dynamic Company. We continually striving to provide customers with benefits to improve the level of service we offer.Our knowledge of product,our relationship with manufacturers and our wide experience allow us to guarantee a high quality materials supply specifically tailored to various types of rail application,and bring you a quick reply to all your needs of supplies. And always at most competitive prices.We care about you as a customer and we pride ourselves on delivering what we promise.

No matter what your project is,HanZi International has a large selection of track accessories and tools to fit your needs: Steel rail, rail clip,fish plate(Joint bar),baseplate,screw fasteners,steel sleeper and much more.Our range of products and services is so vast that we cannot put everything on our website, so if you need more information or can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us.

More Versatile! More Durable! More Economical!
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